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                                                       BUS NEWS (JUNE 2015)

                                                  A Regular Newsletter by CIE Stephen Hannan,

                                                  vice-president of SIPTU’s Transport Sector

                                           & Chairman of the         

                                               Dublin Bus Drivers Section Committee


Privatisation Battle:

SIPTU has been fighting plans to privatise Bus Eireann and Dublin Bus since 2000 when Fianna Fail first put the issue on the National agenda. The recent move to ‘franchise-out’ 10% of both company’s routes is just another stage in that struggle. The success of SIPTU in achieving 51/2 of the 6 points we fought for in the last 2 day strike has given us breathing room and a much better regulatory context in fighting the NTA going forward. Workers in both companies are to be congratulated on their fighting spirit and unity of purpose.

NTA goes loopy:

The NTA attempted to delay the new successful non-stop Cork\Dublin express service but pulled back when it found out that there were going to be senior politicians at the launch.

Drink & Drugs Testing:

The Minister of Transport supports the inclusion of random testing for drivers in the forthcoming Transport Bill. The delay in the drafting of it is apparently due to opposition from small haulier firms worried about extra cost of such testing on their employees. It appears it was the same opposition which stopped ‘testing’ in previous health & safety legislation.


Bus Aras face-lift:


Further renovation at Bus Aras (a listed building) is due. The general up-grading will involve the toilets (not before time!). There will be (quote) ‘planting’ and the opening of Gate 16.