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This site is an information site only and is not exhaustive. While the authors are members of SIPTU, this page is by no means an officially endorsed site, It is an information site by activists, for all members.

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Worker Director Newsletters,

brought to you by Bill McCamley,

The SIPTU Worker Director.


Bill has been a SIPTU shop steward for more than 30 years and has been a Worker Director on the CIE board for 16, since first being elected to that position in 1998.


Bill’s newsletters cover everything that concerns all staff, be it in Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann, or Iarnrod Eireann.

He issues them at least once a month as part of a committment he gave when he was first elected to that position (most months, there are two or three). 


If you want to keep informed about what is going on within CIE at board level, why not bookmark this page.


Please note that although Bill McCamley is a member of SIPTU, his newsletters are not official SIPTU leaflets. The views contained in his newsletters are his alone.