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Dublin Bus Drivers Information

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This Website is here as an information tool & an historical resource for all drivers employed in Dublin Bus, the aim is to give all staff a web site for keeping up with all the latest news.

We also have a page with photos of buses operating around the city, pictures of the workers that drove the Dublin buses and trams that serviced the capitol down through the years, and a pictorial record of union activists that fought to protect the rights of transport workers: Not only the giants SIPTU's proud past, like James Larkin and James Connolly, but also the foot soldiers. On the lighter side there will be pages dealing with the social and sporting aspect of the bus industry. There is also a page of various Youtube videos that are relevant to us busdrivers.


We will publish SIPTU notices, Our Worker Director Newsletters and leaflets from the Dublin Bus Drivers Section Committee to keep all fellow members up to date with what is going on Citywide.







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If any social societies within Dublin Bus (Golf Societies, Football clubs, etc.) would like a page to use as their own, contact us at any of the available methods (Facebook/Twitter/Email).